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Sale of companies, urgent, inactive…

We are dedicated to the purchase and sale of companies, whether urgent, constituted, inactive, incorporation of companies and sale of companies.

The sale of companies is; Companies incorporated and registered in a public deed and put up for sale, they can be limited companies or public limited companies, with paid-up share capital, operational bank account … these companies can be sold instantly and start billing thanks to their definitive NIF and the possibility to leave the registered office.

We have “sociedades limitadas“limited companies, “sociedades anónimas” with different characteristics.

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Sale of companies

What is the sale of companies?

This sale of commercial companies (they are also known as urgent companies, since they can be sold instantly) is when I know how to buy a company already constituted with a public and registered deed.

The sale of inactive companies is, as they say, companies that are created and are inactive ready to operate from the moment of their sale thanks to their definitive CIF.

In this sector the most sold company is the basic limited company with a share capital of €3,000, but we also have limited companies and limited companies with more capital and seniority.

In the sale of companies the following steps are carried out;

Purchase and sale of shares; This sale is not registered in the Commercial Registry, giving privacy from third parties to the new partners.

Social changes; Said changes are usually cessation and appointment of administrator, change of company address, change or expansion of corporate purpose … These changes, if I know that you have to register in the corresponding Mercantile Registry and will be totally public.

Certificate of real ownership; It must be notified through this deed whom of the new partners has more than 25% of the shares. Said deed does not go to the Mercantile Registry.

This is the summarized process in which the purchase of companies consists, all this process is carried out before a notary public and all sale of companies is under Royal Decree 1/2010 on the Capital Companies Law.

We have to say that the companies with seniority that we sell, have presented the corporate taxes and annual accounts.

How is the purchase of an inactive company made?

The sale of companies is always and completely carried out before a notary public and can be done at any notary’s office in Spain, without the need to travel to another city that is not the one that is closest to you.

The sale can be made in person at the same notary’s office, which is usually in Barcelona or Madrid, which is where we most carry out company sales. If this is not the case, it can be done between notaries.

Sale between notaries.

The system is very similar and safe, only the sale will be made at a notary and the ratification of the purchase at another notary.

We can also go to any notary’s office in Spain which has expenses for subsistence and travel.

What advantages does a incorporated company offer?

The advantages of buying a limited or anonymous company already constituted are mainly;

  • Total privacy for the partners and shareholders of the company, as new partners will not have to register publicly.
  • It is not mandatory to make the contribution to the capital stock.
  • Billing procedures are done instantly, without going through lengthy government processes.
  • A new bank account can be opened, after signing, first fully functioning.

Savings in public investments, especially in processes before commercial law.

Do new partners in purchased partnerships have privacy?

Yes, it is one of the advantages of buying an incorporated company, since the sale and purchase of shares is not registered, therefore the new partners will not be public.

What documentation is provided to me when purchasing companies?

On the day of signing, such documentation is taken:

Deed of incorporation of the limited company,

  • Sale of shares of limited company SL
  • Act of manifestations / real ownership (declare who partners have more than 25% of the shares.
  • Social changes (change of administrator, corporate purpose, address …)