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From we have all kinds of companies for sale, with different social capital (from minimum € 3,000 to € 1,000,000 or more) all ready to be bought before a notary and with the maximum guarantee with office in Barcelona and Madrid..

Here is the list of companies for sale that we have at the moment.

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The companies available for sale are companies of all types, as they may be companies that have never operated or companies with seniority, with a minimum capital of 3,000 euros or with a large share capital.

The purchase of a partnership is a completely legal and transparent process since we are protected in Royal Decree 10/2010, and include in all our societies the notarial guarantee clause in which says that the company that is purchased does not have any type of economic burden .

Buying one of our companies for sale is a quick process and as we said previously transparent.

You can choose one of the companies that we have for sale in our list of companies.

Documentation has to be given for how the company is to be organized (administrator, partners, social address …). This documentation is sent to the notary for the sale of the company and has all the information and the processing is Much more agile.

The purchase of shares (the acquisition of the new partners) is signed in notary, the real ownership act is declared (declare who has of the new partners more than 25% of the shares.

These two “steps” are not recorded by offering new members the “advantage” that they do not register with anonymous documents. This step is not that we do not want to do it by registering it in the RMC (Central Mercantile Register). The latter simply does not accept the new partners to register.

Last step is made the social changes that are usually the change of manager, social direction, social object and more … all these changes if you have to register in the RMC (Central Mercantile Registry) taking 15 working days. For this reason, after the signature contains such documentation:

-Writing of constitution of the limited partnership.

-Compraventa of the limited partnership (not registered)

-Account of actual ownership (not registered)

– Simple copy of social changes (the original will be registering)

To all intents and purposes the company is already sold, so with this documentation you can start invoicing contracts and more …